Floya Anthias
Floya Anthias

Prof. Floya Anthias, Ph.D; M.Soc.Sc.; B.Sc.Soc.; P.G.C.E. (HE), AcSS

Professor of Sociology and Social Justice (Emeritus) University of Roehampton, London, UK



f.anthias@Roehampton.ac.uk floyanthia @gmail.com


Additional affiliation:

Visiting Professor of Sociology, City University, London, UK



My Primary Research Interests

Ethnicity and Nationalism, Social Divisions and Intersectionality, Gender, Ethnicity, Racism, Social and Collective Identities, Identity and Belonging, Multiculturalism, Political identities, Social Theory, Cultural Theory, Social Inequalities, Social Exclusion and Stratification, Gender, Ethnicity and Employment, Transnationalism, Transnational and trans-border crossings, Population movements, Migration theory, Human Rights and Global Citizenship, Labour markets, Self-employment, Cyprus/ Cypriots, Southern European migrations, new migrations. 

New Publications!






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Contesting Integration, Engendering Migration, co-edited with Mojca Pacnik, Palgrave July 2013 

Identities, Inequalities, Intersections, manuscript in progress


Recent Publications (since 2008)

1. Refereed Journal articles

‘Thinking through the lens of translocational positionality: an intersectionality frame for understanding identity and belonging’ in Translocations, Migration and Change, Volume 4, Issue 1, Winter 2008, pp5-20 

‘Translocational belonging, identity and generation: questions and problems in migration and ethnic studies’, Finnish Journal of Ethnicity and Migration (FJEM), Vol 4, No. 1/ 2009 www.etmu.fi, April 2009, pp6-16 

‘Narratives of ethnicity, resources and social capital’, (with Maja Cederberg) Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Volume 35, Number 6, July 2009, pp901-917 

‘Intersections and translocations: new paradigms for thinking about cultural diversity and social identities’, European Educational Research Journal, Volume 10 Number 2 May 2011, 204-217 

‘Transnational mobilities, migration research and intersectionality’, Nordic Journal of Migration Research, Vol2 (2), 102-110, June 2012 

Hierarchies of social location, class and intersectionality: towards a translocational frame, International Sociology, November 2012, DOI: 10.1177/0268580912463155 http://iss.sagepub.com/content/early/2012/11/28/0268580912463155 

Intersectional What? Social divisions, intersectionality and levels of analysis, Ethnicities, November 2012 DOI: 10.1177/1468796812463547 

‘Moving beyond the Janus face of integration and diversity discourses: towards an intersectional framing’, The Sociological Review, December, 2012. 

2. Chapters in Books 

‘Arenas of Policy making’ with M. Kontos, F. Kupferberg, G. Lazaridis, S, Mason, S. Papaioannou and W. Privitera, in U. Apitzsch and M. Kontos (eds), Self-Employment Activities of Women and Minorities: Their Success or Failure in relation to Social Citizenship Policies,VS Verlag, Germany, 2008 

Gender, the family and self-employment: Is the family a resource for migrant women entrepreneurs? (with Nishi Mehta), in U. Apitzsch and M. Kontos (eds), Self-Employment Activities of Women and Minorities: Their Success or Failure in relation to Social Citizenship Policies, VS Verlag, Germany, 2008 

‘Multiculturalism, social inclusion and complex diversities’ in Anders Neergaard (ed), European Perspectives on Social Exclusion and Subordination: The Political Economy of Migration, pp 313-329 , Shaker Publishing, 2009 

‘Belonging, identity, intersectionality, and translocational positionality’ in Ethnicity, Belonging and Biography: An Ethnographical and Biographical Perspective, Gabrielle Rosenthal, & Artur Bogner (Eds.), Hamburg, Germany: Lit , 2009 

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‘Mobilities, Gender, Intersections and Translocations: new configurations of the gender, ethnicity and migration matrix in a transnational world.’ in. Mobilitäten 
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‘Cultural Difference’ in Gender: The Key Concepts: (edited by Mary Evans and C H Williams), Routledge, July 2012 

Welfare Regimes, Markets, Policies: the Experiences of Migrant Women (with Maja Cederberg, Tamsin Barber and Ron Ayres) in Paradoxes of Integration edited by Floya Anthias, Maria Kontos and Mirjana Morokvasic, Springer 2012 

Profiling Female Migrants in Europe: categories of difference(with Ron Ayres, Tamsin Barber and Maja Cederberg), in Paradoxes of Integration edited by Floya Anthias, Maria Kontos and Mirjana Morokvasic, Springer 2012 

Introduction: Paradoxes of Integration (with Mirjana Morkvasic and Maria Kontos, in Paradoxes of Integration, edited by Floya Anthias, Maria Kontos and Mirjana, Morokvasic, Springer 2012.

Social categories, embodied practices and intersectionality, in Interdependencies of Social Categorisations, Célleri, Daniela and Schwarz, Tobias; Wittger, Bea (Ed.)(forthcoming): Frankfurt a.M./Madrid: Vervuert / Iberoamericana (Ethnicity, Citizenship and Belonging in Latin America, 2), 2012. 


Theorising intersections of gender, ethnicity, migration, and class: violence against women, in Maryse Rinfret-Raynor (ed), Violence against women, Presses universitaires de l'Université du Québec, 2012 

Diversity and integration discourses and practices: the issue of social solidarity, Crossroads cultures, Eurotrail publications, Brussels 2012 

Introduction and Conclusion: Contesting Integration, Engendering Migration, in Contesting Integration, Engendering Migration edited by Floya Anthias and Mojca Pajnic, Palgrave 2013 

Moving beyond integration and diversity discourses and practices: Intersectional issues of social solidarity and social hierarchy, in Contesting Integration, Engendering Migration edited by Floya Anthias and Mojca Pajnic, Palgrave 2013 

Keynote Addresses and invited papers/lectures: since 2008

Paper at EU 6th Framework Workshop: Paper on ‘Policies for Labour Market Integration’: Integration of female immigrants in labour market and society. Policy assessment and policy recommendations, Brussels, 31st of March 2008

Keynote Lecture: International Conference, Generations in Flux, 23-24th October, 2008, Helsinki, Finland,

Two Professorial Lectures: University of Copenhagen: Identity and Youth Research, April 26-27, 2009 
a. To the Department of Anthropology’s Research Seminar ‘The Migration Initiative’ 
b. To the Department of Psychology

Plenary Panel Discussant (with Prof Peter Loizos), for the conference, Cyprus Colloquium: Discourse and Education in the Process of Reconciliation, Friday 8th May 2009, London Metropolitan University

Keynote Lecture: PRIO (Peace Research Institute Oslo) Cyprus Centre Conference: “Learning from Comparative Conflict and Reconciliation: A Holistic Approach”, Nicosia 18-19-20 June 2009. 
Also Discussant and Panel member of other sessions at same Conference.

Invited Paper for ESRC seminar series on: Understanding difference: the role of gender, age, class and race in shaping 'the migrant experience' at Swansea University, 9th July 2009

Keynote Lecture: ‘Discrimination: new approaches and perspctives’, Imiscoe Annual Conference, ‘Sustainable diversity, migration and social cohesion’, Stockholm 9-11 September 2009 
Opening Discussion Paper to workshop on ‘Transnationalism and the Challenges of Methodological Nationalism’ Imiscoe Conference (as above)

Keynote Lecture on ‘Mobilities, Gender, Intersections and Translocations: new configurations of the gender, ethnicity and migration matrix in a transnational world.’ Annual Conference of the German Institute of Ethnology, ‘Mobilities’, University of Tubingen, Freiberg, Germany, September 28-29th 2009 

Invited Lecture on Gender, mobility, intersections and translocations: new configurations of the gender, ethnicity and migration matrix in a transnational world’, International Conference on Gender issues in the 21st century: conflict, migration and human trafficking , University of Cyprus, Nicosia, 18 November 2009 

Keynote Lecture, Sustainable Diversity Workshop, Imiscoe cluster, UCL December 8th 2009 

Guest Lecture at REMESO, Norkopping, Sweden 1st February 2010 

Guest Lecture, Stockholm University, 3rd February 2010 

Keynote Lecture, University of Toronto in Berlin, "Post-Secular Society as a 
Transatlantic Model? Migration, Religion and Class in Comparative Perspective", June 24th and 25th, 2010, Berlin. 

Invited Lecture at International Workshop on Tackling Multiple Discrimination of Migrants: Towards Greater Diversities in Europe, Centre for Parliamentary Studies, Brussels, July 15th 2010 

Keynote Address for Annual Conference of the European Educational Research Association on "Education and cultural change". (EERA) ECER 2010, 25 - 27 August, Helsinki 

Seminar paper given to COMPAS, University of Oxford, The Janus Face of Integration and Diversity Discourses and Practices, Nov 25th 2010 

Keynote Address: Symposium on Kinship, Gender, and Generation in Disparate Transnational Spaces, CEIFO Research-network on Transnationalism and Diaspora 
Stockholm University, 11 May 2011 

Keynote Address, Conference on Gender, Sexuality and Political Economy' at Manchester Metropolitan University May 24th-25th 2011. 

Keynote Address: Theorising translocations and intersections: configurations of gender, ethnicity, migration and class in a transnational world to the Second International Conference on Violence Against Women (Violence Against Women: Complex Realities and New Issues in a Changing World), Montreal, Canada, May 29 to June I, 2011. 

Keynote Address to Centre for Latin American Studies (Kompetenznetz Lateinamerika) - Ethnicity, Citizenship, Belonging: Cologne Centre for Area Studies: 2nd International Symposium: Interdependencies of social categorizations, Cologne, September 12th 2011 

Keynote Lecture: International Conference on Migrant Labour, Contested Integration, Prospects for Citizenship’, 15–16 September 2011 in Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Keynote lecture, Rethinking Realities: Europe as an Agora of Interactions, European Parliament, Europe of Cultures Forum, Brussels, Nov 29th 2011. 

Keynote Address: International Conference on Feminism and immigration, social intervention and political action, Universitat Autonoma Barcelona 9-11th February 2012 

Keynote Lecture, International Conference, London, City of Paradox. UEL, 3-4 April 2012 

Keynote Lecture: International Conference on Kurdish Migration and Diaspora, Hugo-Valentin Centre, Uppsala University, Sweden, 12-14 April 2012 . 

Keynote Lecture: Italian Association of Sociology, General Congress, Parma, Italy, 31, May, 2012 

Invited Lecture: International lecture series "Studying through Migration", The Institute of European Ethnology, Humboldt University, Berlin, June 12th 2012 

Keynote Lecture: Expert conference on integration of third country migrants as part of the Presidency of the EU program: “Shaping and implementing integration policies: The role of local and regional authorities and communities”, 19 and 20th November 2012, Nicosia Cyprus 

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